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About Casicloud

In response to "the Belt and Road" initiative, CASICloud is launched as the first China-based international industrial Internet. The platform is designed to serve as a key channel and platform to create a win-win community with mutual benefits and common destiny for common development and prosperity.

Taking Cloud Manufacturing (also known as Internet + Smart Manufacturing) as its core philosophy, CASICloud provides comprehensive and productive services in an all-round way, forges an open, advanced and secure platform, develops a global industrial cloud ecosystem featured with "Sharing, Cooperation and Win-Win", and finally realizes the global allocation of production resources, in which enterprises are border-based but resources are borderless.

Our Mission


Establish a global industrial resource center and a global industrial trading center.

What We Have

  • Global industrial resource center

    Build a global cloud pool of industrial resources with complete categories and advanced capacity in order to realize resource sharing and capacity cooperation among global industrial organizations.

  • Global industrial trading center

    Forge a cross-border electronic trading platform for industrial commodities and services, with high efficient cross-border payment and logistic system.


  • CASIC Private Cloud-Application of Smart Manufacturing

    CASIC has dozens of core research institutes and hundreds of subsidiaries nationwide. The private cloud has access to high performance computing resources (100 trillion per second), mass storage resources, and more than 300 sets of multidisciplinary design analysis software and their license resources in machinery, electronics, engineering control, etc. It supports online argumentation, design, simulation and production for general departments, professional institutes, assembly plants and other organizations.